Pension Reform:  What it Means for Anchorage Public School

JOIN US Wednesday, 11/1 at 7PM (OCCC)

As your Parent Teacher Association, our mission is twofold – first is to continuously improve the school experience and second is to open lines of communication between parents and the school. A pension reform proposal currently under consideration by the state would mean changes for Anchorage Public School. We feel it is important to keep all parents informed as to these potential changes. To help breakdown the complexities and help all parents understand what this would mean at Anchorage, we are holding an informational meeting at OCCC on 11/1 at 7pm. Kelley Ransdell, Superintendent and Phillip Kash, School Board Chair will be there to break down the changes, discuss what they mean for our school, and answer your questions.

These changes will be of interest to the broader Anchorage community. Please spread the word! If you want to help get the word out about the meeting, please consider printing this flyer and putting it in your neighbor’s mailboxes.

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