Help Keep Anchorage an Independent School District


Bill Introduced to Abolish all Local School Boards; Number of Kentucky School Districts Would Be Slashed from 173 to 55; JCPS & Anchorage Independent School Districts Would be Merged.


Rep. Toby Herald, R-Beattyville, filed House Bill 242 on Wednesday to merge all 173 existing county and independent districts into 55 new districts, abolishing all local boards of education and establishing new boards effective July 1, 2020.

This bill proposes to merge the Anchorage Independent and Jefferson County Public Schools.

As you can imagine, we are strongly opposed to any legislation that would eviscerate local decision making in our community school and that would merge Anchorage with another school district.  This bill would destroy the identity of our community school and the identity of community schools across the state. This bill proposes to eliminate ALL independent districts.  Many county districts would be merged under this proposal as well.

This bill is simply a distraction that we cannot afford during a time that the legislative focus needs to remain on solving the state’s pension & education underfunding issues.


CALL YOUR LEGISLATOR: Please call the Legislative Message Line today and tell your legislators that for a whole host of reasons, they should not even bring HB 242 to a hearing, and that they must instead focus on fully investing in our students and the future of Kentucky public education. Eliminating our cherished & highly successful Anchorage School is not the answers to the problems we face!

The LRC Message Line number is 1-800-372-7181.  Tell the message-taker to deliver the message to both your House member (Representative Jason Nemes) and your Senate member (Senator Julie Raque Adams).

EMAIL SENATORS & REPRESENTATIVES: You may choose to email your legislators. Superintendent Ransdell has provided the following sample email which you may choose to use in whole or part:

I appreciate the work that you are doing to support public education which is vital to the future of Kentucky.  I write to ask you to fervently oppose HB 242.  This bill would truly destroy the identity of Anchorage Public School and other community schools across the state.  

Please work to ensure that HB 242 is not even brought to a hearing in order that legislators can focus on investing their time and energy toward ensuring a bright future for Kentucky public education and our students.  The filing of HB 242 clearly exemplifies the war on public education, not just on independent school districts, but every public school district in Kentucky.   It is disheartening to have to defend our public schools at every corner. 

Thank you in advance for working to support public education and our community school.


Links to contact Representative Nemes and Senator Adams via email:

Contact information for all legislators:


Thank you so much to our entire parent community for their support of our school.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to Superintendent Kelley Ransdell or the APTA Board if you have any questions.  Superintendent Ransdell’s email address is .