2018-2019 Open Positions

Interested in becoming more involved in the Anchorage PTA? Volunteering for a committee chair position is a great place to start! We have a number of great open positions for next year and we would love to have you on board to help support the APTA and Anchorage School!

Want to volunteer or have some questions? Please email alix_crutcher@sbcglobal.net with your interest or any questions.

APTA Ways and Means Positions:


  • Auction Chair – Help the APTA fundraise by throwing an amazing party! This fundraiser is designed to inspire the community to donate towards our operating budget and special projects while attending an incredible party. Responsibilities include managing a staff of auction chairs to execute the fundraising vision of the ATPA, event management and people management. Time commitment would include party planning in Aug/Sept, event management throughout the months leading up to the event, event prep in February/March. The event will be held on March 2, 2019.
  • Bid Pal – Enters and manages item descriptions into the auction management system.
    Marketing and Invitations-Creates invitation, graphics, school take home booklet, auction program, logos, all corporate sponsor signage, banner creation, and all marketing sent out to the school community.
  • Live Auction – Solicits items for the live auction, creates a power point for the items to be shown night of, partners with auctioneer, keeps items listed on a spreadsheet for BidPal entry.
  • Silent Auction – Solicits items for the silent auction, creates robust descriptions for all of the items, maintains donor relations, keeps items listed on a spreadsheet for BidPal entry.
  • Corporate and Family Sponsorships – Solicits donations (monetary or item) from corporations and families, gathers logos and graphics from sponsors, communicates sponsor special needs, partners with Live Auction and BidPal.
    Raffles and Donation Drives-Creates raffles to generate excitement around the auction, holds a classroom donation drive, and partners with the APTA Treasurer to ensure all gaming rules are met.
  • Communications – Attends all meetings to take minutes, reviews communication that will be sent to the community, may be required to create documentation that will be send out.


  • Marketing and Invitations – Creates invitation, graphics, and all logos and marketing included in letters that go home to the community.
  • Candy Cane Corner – Collects donations and uses budgeted funds to supply the items that kids shop for in this fun kids-only gift shop. Finds volunteers to work the day of, and volunteers to help procure items.
  • Communications – Attends all meetings to take minutes, reviews communication that will be sent to the community, may be required to create documentation that will be sent out.


  • Bricks and Rewards – Help the APTA beautify the front of the school through brick sales. Bricks are sold throughout the year and are placed in the sidewalk on the front lawn. Time commitment is minimal: work orientation day at school promoting bricks, advertise bricks to the community through the City’s Anchor Age and Anchorage Living, etc. This role will also work orientation to promote Amazon and Kroger rewards programs in which money is donated to the school with each purchase. With both roles, you are given a budget and a goal to meet for the year.


APTA Programs Open Positions:

  • Field Day Chair(s) – Work with school staff and field day committee volunteers to coordinate a day of fun and games for our K-5th graders. Time commitment is focused in the spring time with a few meetings and logistical planning sessions, committee volunteer emails and an all day Field Day event. A project coordination list and materials will be provided. This is a fun event that the students enjoy every year and a great way to get involved without having to “reinvent the wheel”!
  • Elementary School Community Connections Chair(s) – Help the PTA build a community connections program geared toward the elementary students. This is a wonderful program designed to help our younger students build awareness and connection with the larger community and service organizations. Responsibilities include coordinating speakers and classroom-based projects with current Community Connection organization contacts. At the middle school level, children will have the opportunity to do on site work at these organizations. Time commitment would include planning sessions in the summer time and early fall with coordination with school administration and room parents during the school year to ensure projects are completed. We’d love to have your help getting this program started!